Kenya – Perpetua (19 years old)

Personally, I think that Kenya is a good country if only the citizen could be patriotic and try not being tribalistic. Tribalism has given Kenya a bad picture to the outside world.
It’s Kenya where you find the wild animals are all over and tourists from all over the world to see the wildlife.
Kenyans follow the people they respect and forget to follow their own thoughts. They will attack if told, to attack without asking why they have to attack.
Life in Kenya has become hard because the rich use the poor to earn and the rich are the minority leaving the majority in poverty. The most affected group in Kenya are the youths. Many youths are unemployed though most of them have job qualities like education. The government should try to create job opportunities in order to make the economy increase because the dependable rate will reduce.
But with all the negatives in Kenya, we still have the freedom as Kenyan citizens and that makes me still be happy being called a Kenyan.