Kenya – Betty (22 years old)

My motherland country is Kenya. I find my country very green, the environment is attractive – not talking about the weather, which i find so friendly. Socially, the Kenyans are known for their hospitality and generosity. Nevertheless, they accommodate people from different cultures and religions. Talking about religion, we have different people who have different religions, but this doesn’t limit us from unity. We respect people according to their religions and also make them feel comfortable to express what they think. We have different cultures that are well observed and the people are allowed to practice them. Kenya is one of the most peaceful and united countries and this enables us to distribute to get an earning. All in all, the lands are prone to grow and fertilize. The different cultures that we püractise also have different cash crops. Politically, we are served by different “parties” as we call them. Our leaders are known to lead us for five years only and the elections are held again, so that we are able to have enough security, peace and unity. The leaders are given opportunities to lead different countries where they organize what happens in the countries. In short, they are the ones who lead Keny Defence Forces. In general my country Kenya has a positive impact on me.
Kenya is my country, my beauty and personally my heritage!