postcard from… Macedonia

As Sofia is a pretty hot and pretty empty city during summer time, I couldn’t wait for my 2 weeks of vacation in August.

In my first week, I visited Macedonia – Skopje and Ohrid


This city was one of the weirdest European cities I’ve ever been to. The centre is full of new buildings and monuments, which made me think of Disneyland or a film set.. but around the corner you would bump into narrow streets with oriental bazars, nice cafés or – in contrast to the newer parts – buildings from socialist times.

An interesting mix. More about the Skopje 2014 project, which was the frame for the new buildings and monument is available in this article.


Ohrid is a city on Lake Ohrid, located in the south-western part of Macedonia. The water was crystal-clear and although Ohrid is a pretty busy tourist tourist destination, I liked it.

boattrip to St. Naum

St. Naum

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