PLACES: travelling in Central Bulgaria

In April, probably the most beautiful month with the blooming trees and perfect temperatures, my parents came to visit Bulgaria. The last time they’ve been in Sofia was before 1989, still during socialist times, so they were really excited to see how the city has changed since back then.

Sofia, underpass in front of the former Party House

We also went on a little trip through central Bulgaria and had a nice barbecue at a friend’s house in Veliko Tarnovo, enjoyed the view on the Shipka Pass, got really disappointed by Kasanlak, fell in love (again) with Plovdiv*, and discovered Asen’s Fortress and Bachkovo Monastery in Rhodope Mountains.

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo – view from the hotel’s terrace

poor picture – but a nice memory of a night when some random girl in a bar and her friend, a taxidriver, took my friends and me to Arbanassi at 4 in the morning



random village on our way to Shipka Pass. We had to stop there as I felt so sick because of the curves and a bad hangover


Shipka Pass

1150 m

Asen’s Fortress

Bachkovo Monastery

*(no pictures of Plovdiv here as I will publish a separate post about this city soon)

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