postcard from.. ATHENS

Athens was on my “places to visit soooon”-list for a while. And as Ryanair offered flights for 10 € from Sofia and because there were a few official holidays, I decided to not go once, but twice!

First time I went with a Bulgarian friend and we visited all the main sights and enjoyed a nice airbnb flat with a bed on our balcony – sleeping under the stars!
Second time I met up with friends (including JANNEEE!!) from Germany and we explored the documenta14 (which I found a bit disappointing)

Athens was impressing, as they were things happening literally on every street corner and sometimes we just randomly walked for hours and it was great.

Definitely coming back to Athens but documenta.. I don’t know.

Metaxourgeio neighborhood

on Acropolis Hill

on Acropolis Hill

the Erechtheion

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

on Acropolis Hill, quite early in the morning

Psyri neighborhood



another day, another part of the ancient city: Hadrian’s Library

cloudy sky in the Royal Gardens

view from the National Museum of Contemporary Art – EMST

view from the National Museum of Contemporary Art – EMST

view from the flat in Metaxourgio

The Academy of Athens


breakfast on the Balcony – with Frappe!

last evening on Philopappos Hill

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