PLACES: Blagoevgrad/ Rila Monastery/ Stob Pyramids

On a beautiful March weekend I decided to visit my friend who lives in Blagoevgrad, a small town south of Sofia. I liked the town with the nice streets, blooming trees and the American University, which seems to give a special vibe to the city (not sure if in a positive or negative way).

After exploring the town, I went to the Rila Monastery by bus. There I met my flat mate from Sofia – a complete coincidence as she went there spontaneously just like me. She and her friends invited go to the Stob Pyramides with them and there we went. A little spontaneous roadtrip –  best thing to do on Sunday 🙂


Bistritsa River

Park Bachinovo


The Church of the Holy Mother in Varosha

The Church of the Holy Mother in Varosha



Rila Monastery

the Monastery





Stob Pyramids

Stob Pyramids – on top

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