Студентски град (Studentski Grad)

During the last few months,  people were shaking their head in astonishment, when they asked me where I lived and I replied “Studentski grad”.  You aren’t a student?! Why would you live there? Actually, they were right. The “Student’s City” is basically a neighborhood with student dormitories, bars, clubs and fast food restaurant (there are no kitchens in the dormitories and students like to party, I guess). It happened that me and my 2 flatmates got a lovely flat in one of the few rental apartment houses in Studentski grad.

To be honest, I hated the location of our flat as I was spending 2 hours in the public transport each day to get to work & return. Still we liked the neighborhood, the sports student’s dormitory next door, the parties, the noise, the frequent fireworks, the stray dogs and our beloved restaurant..

As my flatmates are leaving Sofia, it’s time to relocate for me (and to move closer to the city center to spend less time getting to work). So actually this is a farewell in pictures: Goodbye, Studentski planeta!

(some of the photos were taken by my flatmates Elena and Chrissi)

daily view when I left our apartment

The sport student’s Blok in front of our house

nightlife / Cotton Club (taken by Chrissi)


Kaufland & Vitosha mountains

favorite building

sport complex

Skate park



taken by Elena

market (taken by Elena)

good memories – my flatmate’s birthday celebrated with Baklava

another morning, another view

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