LIEBHABERSTÜCK: Честита Баба Марта (Happy Baba Marta)

On the day of “Baba Marta” the Bulgarians celebrate the beginning of spring. And yes, actually the day before was the warmest day of 2017 so far (19 degrees!).

On the first of march people exchange red and white bracelets or pins (Martenitsi) with friends, family members and colleagues. It brings health, luck and happiness and you’re supposed to wear it until you notice a first sign of spring (blossomed trees or a spring bird like a stork). Next you tie it on a tree. I think there are a lot of stories connected to this day, I feel like everyone I talked to, told me a different one.

I’ve loved those little stalls selling martenitsi and, even more, the exchanging of those bracelets with my colleagues and friends, hugging them and wishing everyone “всичко хубаво” (All the best).


At the end of the day, my arm looked like this


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