PLACES: Витоша (Vitosha) 2

For the last 4 weeks I was walking in the streets of Sofia feeling like a grumpy person, nagging and complaining. Because winter is annoying, seriously. The coldest winter in decades (some say 69 years – I don’t have explicit information), slippery roads, iced pavements, cold wind, mud.

I felt like I had to force myself to appreciate the positive parts of winter again. And there is no better place like Витоша Vitosha. 20 minutes by bus, 20 minutes by lift and you find yourself on top with an amazing view over Sofia. We took a walk, watched people skiing and snowboarding and agreed that we definitely need to buy a sleigh – soon! Winter, I’m sorry for hating you the last weeks; you’re actually pretty cool.. sometimes. But, please, enough of -15 (or even -22) degrees, okay?

For comparison my first time on Vitosha in autumn

not photoshopped – amazing colour!


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