POSTCARD from.. Romania

In December we attended a workshop in Romania. Perfect occasion to explore Bulgaria’s neighbouring country!
Our mini-trip started & ended in București where we were hosted by friends. Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the city, because, you know.. extensive nightlife 😉

Next we took the train to Făgăraș (in central Romania) and further to the small village Bărcuț, where our workshop took place. It felt great being far from the daily routine and phone/ internet connection.


Piaţa Unirii, București

evening sky/ Caea Victoriei (I swear this is not photoshopped!)

view from the balcony

Train to Făgăraș 

view from the train window

Bărcuț / Seliștat

first day in Bărcuț

..on day2 it started snowing

train station Făgăraș

La revedere, România!

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