LIEBHABERSTÜCK: Dreaming of democracy

Yesterday, Goethe-Institute Thessaloniki hosted the conference “Solidarity by the refugees”, organized by the DOME PROJECT (a part of the Cultural Innovators Network the Goethe-Institute is supporting). After a long research process, it brought together different initiatives led by refugees and aimed to emphasize that refugees should be part of the solutions found for the current situation in European countries. Refugees should be equally included in political discussions as well as in practical activity concerning asylum seekers in their host countries.

The Conference gave initiatives and associations the chance to present their ideas, which reached from an app helping to navigate through german bureaucracy (Bureaucrazy), a newspaper by refugees for refugees (Abwab) or the documentary “Dreaming of Live” by the Iranian Director Morteza Jafari. The film, documenting the way across the mediterranean sea and Greece, has been screened in many occasions, e.g. the BBC and different film festivals. It is going to be shown in the 57th Film Festival of Thessaloniki this week. Here, you can watch another part of Jafari’s work – a short documentary about the dream of democracy.


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