KIOSK: “Another life. Human flows / Unknown Odyssey” exhibition


Just a quick recommendation for everyone who’s going to visit Thessaloniki anytime soon.

Until the 15 november 2016 the Thessaloniki Photograph Museum exhibits “Another life: Human flows/ Unknown Odysseys”


The exhibitions deals with aspects of the refugee crisis, both from a photojournalistic and activists / citizens side. The 160 works were really moving and disturbing without being overblown and sensationalistic. The 160 works discuss past and current issues of migration and flight and give a broad insight into this topic. The perspective of the 26 photographers, mostly Greek , was really different to the (German) articles I get to see everyday.

So if possible, I recommend visiting this exhibition in Thessaloniki Photograph Museum (which is, by the way, situated in a beautiful spot right by the water)

the Museum’s website:



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