PLACES: first impressions of thessaloniki

After almost a week spent in Greece, it is time for some first impressions I want to share with you in pictures – I have been taking many of them (not always with camera – trying not to feel like a tourist), while walking the city and the surroundings of my house. They help me collecting impressions, feelings and thoughts, that words can not tell.

Why I love this city: no horizon.

Why I love this city: no horizon. and this incredible deepblue water.

The view from the promenade next to my house, reaching into the city center.

The view from the promenade next to my house, reaching into the city center.




The entrance to my current flat in the Institute to the right – my office in the building to the left


The Institute seen from the yard: to the left the Café and above, the residency a.k.a my temporary flat, to the right the library in the ground floor and the offices on level 1


Greek awesomeness part #1: frappe!


Greek Awesomeness part #2: evening lights!


The ones that know me well know that I must be happy with these blue skies and golden sun: I am!  Still, I am in the process of realizing that this is my city for the next 5 months, but slowly I try to find routines, the nicest veggie store around the corner and the best bakery. I am happy to have chosen a city I have already visited twice and do not feel like I have to get to know the city from point zero, so now I hope to find a working routine (and more to do at work!), a yoga spot and to learn some greek as soon as possible.

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  1. Ute

    Impressed, proud and a bit jealous in a positive way – your mom, who was in Thessaloniki 36 years ago!

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