Streetstyle Belgrade

Since this is a post for both German readers and the people of Belgrades streets, I will make this post in english.

Not much to say. I realized that the streets of Belgrade are full of awesome looking people that represent the modern city in a very distinctive way.
Belgrade? You look awesome.


Sweet mornings in the library. All pieces Second Hand.
Black College Blouson Comma, Sweater Adidas by Stella McCartney, grey top Stella McCartney, Dress Selfmade, Scarf from a local shop, Bag Bally, Belt Vintage, Chelsea Boots Jil Sander.

As an urban traveller, Anja got her style from everywhere. „I bought the hat in Berlin in a second-hand shop about 10 years ago and the necklace is from an antique shop in Paris.“




Yellow woman in the morning. Cara Dusana. Awesome heels.



Me, Valerie, in my business uniform.

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  1. Anja

    Hey there,

    You took a photo of me yesterday, would you mind sending it to me via email I quoted here? I was wearing a purple hat 🙂

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