It’s been busy days recently. There are so many differents things to organize! But apart of that I realized a few interesting things:

I was talking to a friend and he thaught me an important lesson. I told him that it’s so hard for me to say goodbye and that there are so many lately. Instead of feeling pity for me, he simply replied: „but many new hellos I bet“.
So even though I’m bad in saying goodbye, he’s totally right. It’s just about the way you look at things. There are always two sides of a coin. He chose the optimistic one and I should try this too.

Another thing happened: We went to a flea market and eventhough it was a sunny and warm summer day, I bought a headband. Subconciously and conciously I am preparing myself for winter already. It’s crazy, because I never been to Latvia and I cannot say how cold it will really be. But I seem to be insecure about that and that’s why I’m starting to prepare myself.. somehow.

Anyways I’m more worried about the darkness than the cold. And that is probably just as well a very unnecessary fear. But a friend of mine gave me the advice to go on vacation somewhere in the South and to get some sun. Tanning a bit cannot harm, can it?

My family is naming me vagabond lately. I’m travelling and seeing more of the world than they ever did in their lives. That doesn’t mean that their lives aren’t good, or that I would concern mine as a better lifestyle. No, it’s not about that. I would say it’s the other way round. Their lives are calm and stabil. I’m still on my way to achieve this. I still don’t know where I truly belong or if there’s a place where people have to belong to. There are places that I call Home. But home is for me not connected to a geographic point. It’s only about the people and how much I love them.

So the hardest part will be to define and find a new Home in Riga. Can one be ever prepared to that? Or is Home just something that happens, a feeling that appears without you noticing it?

Lots of love,


nobody said it was easy

Someday I read that there’s a Coldplay-Song for every situation. Maybe that’s partly true. Anyway, this line is running around in my mind. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew right when I applied for this programm that it means to say goodbye and start anew. And I’ve already done that before.

Last year I left, to study abroad for one semester. I did, because everybody else of my studies left too. I did the same, maybe because it was on vouge, maybe because I didn’t want to be alone at our home university. But I cannot recall why I was motivated to leave so much behind.

Today I can say: It was totally worth it! I made so many good experiences, I grew and I got to know wonderful people. And also when I came back home I started to appreciate more the things I already had before I left. I felt so much richer.

Now I remember why I applied for this programm. I thought I have nothing to lose and just give it a try. I thought I have to go abroad again before I start working or go on with a master degree. I admit, that’s a weak motivation. But I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to do this! To face new challenges and to volunteer. And what will ever be easy in live?

As Coldplay would say: Lights will guide you home. So we will all make our way, and it will be an important experience. It requires just a little courage.

Lots of love,


light it up!


So this will be my blog for the next year. I’ll share my experience of my 12 month in Riga, Latvia here. If you’re interested, feel free to follow the posts and comment on them 🙂

This possibility to go abroad and volunteer has been my lighthouse since I applied for it, so since december. I knew that I will finish my studies this summer and needed something to guide my way. Now I almost reached the end of the wonderful three years as a student and can’t wait to start a new adventure!

Hope everyone is fine with english and my mistakes won’t be that embarrasing!

Lots of Love,