Thais Deutschlandbild

Mülltrennung: Typisch deutsch!
Foto: © efes, via, licensed under CCO

Ngo Quang Thai ist 18 Jahre alt, lernt seit Juni 2017 Deutsch und war mit 3 Jahren schonmal in Deutschland.

  • Was ist typisch Deutschland für dich? 
    In my perspective, Germany is a country where everything is well organized with a society of responsible citizens. Germany is also a place where technology is well invested, as many excellent scientists are german and many great inventions were made here. The environment is also well preserved, as the people always seperate waste into 3 types: plastic, bio and glass. That makes Germany a great country to live in.
  • Was denkst du über die Deutschen (die du kennst)?
  • As mentioned earlier, Germans have a great sense of responsibility. There is a well-known prejudice that Germans are cold and not funny. With me this is mostly not true: If you ask for help, they will always help you at their best. Until now I’ve just talked to 2 or 3 Germans, so I don’t know much about their sense of humor. Maybe I’ll discover more when I come to Germany next year and I really look forward to that. They won’t disappoint me. I intuitively know that.

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