Taxi! – Once you know how to cook couscous, you are a real Tunisian!

Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen June 2017, 8:30 pm, Tunis Centre Train station Barcelone – Bab Sadoun Driver: Look, these are pictures of my VW-bus. Me: Wow, it looks great. Did you paint it yourself? Driver: Yes, that was me. He … Weiterlesen

Ramadan – an agnostic’s point of view

Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen Ramadan – an agnostic’s point of view During ramadan, three Tunisian and a German girl lay on a beach to watch the sunrise. One offers everyone something to eat and each takes a bite. As I … Weiterlesen


Got 6:40 minutes? – Welcome to my PechaKucha presentation! PechaKucha is a Japanese presentation format, composed out of a maximum of 20 presentation pictures, each presented in no more than 20 seconds, in an overall time frame of 6:40 minutes. … Weiterlesen


Für Deutsch bitte runterscrollen My journey will start on the 13th of March! I will spend 12 months at the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in Tunis, as a kulturweit-volunteer. I am looking forward to offer some insights of my … Weiterlesen